About Us


Sheikh Raheel (CEO)

In today’s modern Era, businesses have evolved drastically and has become more challenging then ever before. Your Success is jeopardized if your business hasn’t gone Digital or reached global and that is the place where we come into the picture. With over a decade of international experience and exposure, we are equipped enough to take your business to the next level. We are Ecommerce Consultants, and ready to join our forces in your business to give it an International boost. Our International presence with local expertise gives us a competitive advantage to remain on the top of our game. We believe that success becomes inevitable, if you have the right resources and right team with you, and WE ARE THE TEAM!

Thanks, Raheel Sheikh

Sheikh Abdullah (General Manager)

Mr. Sheikh Abdullah is contributing his services as General Manager, CheckoutUS. His managing skills has made him look prominent in the crowd of other Managing Executives. After making several successful Projects all over the world Mr. Sheikh has taken the responsibilities of our Company. His multi-dimensional international experience has made him able to achieve the milestones one after one.

Mr. Sheikh has also been a part of many renowned companies and projects that have been successful in U.A.E, U.S and Pakistan. He is always ready to apply new techniques and methodologies to get best results out of any project.

Syed Ijaz Ahmed (Operations Manager)

With diverse experience in operations & business development, he plays a key role in the strategic growth and operational efficiency at Startup Business Bureau. He has the professional skills to combine strategic planning, business development, and operational management to drive growth, maximize operational efficiency, and foster business success.



Mohsin Saddique (Sr. Web Developer)

With a deep understanding of programing languages, frameworks, and wed technologies, Mohsin brings websites and web applications to life. He serves as web developer at Startup Business Bureau and is responsible for building, designing, and maintaining websites.

Esha Batool (Creative Head)

As a creative head at CheckoutUS, her aim is to guide and inspire the creative team to deliver outstanding work. She provides vision, sets goals, and establishes the overall creative direction for projects. She leads and manages the creative team.

Waleed wali (Web Developer)

With a dynamic background in web development, he is responsible for building, designing, and maintaining websites. He possesses the technical skills and knowledge necessary to create functional and visually appealing websites that meet the needs and objectives of clients or organizations.

Muhammad Awais (Social Media Executive)

As a social media executive, he is responsible for managing and implementing an organization’s social media strategies. Awais main objective is to promote the brand’s image, engage with the target audience, and drive customer engagement and conversion through various social media platforms.

Natasha Zafar (Admin Executive)

As an administrative executive, she aims to provide administrative support and assistance to an organization. She focuses on various administrative tasks and responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of the office and the efficient execution of business processes.