Facebook Marketplace

What if your product starts reaching 1.4 billion people every day?

Approximately, more than 800 million people use Facebook Marketplace every month to discover, buy, or sell items.

In today’s scenario, Facebook is not only limited to peer-to-peer shopping marketplace, it has also expanded to merchant selling, means Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace allows businesses to expand their reach, engagements, and profits.

Facebook is one the leading social media platform. Almost every other person is on Facebook. At first Facebook was only a social media platform but after sometime they introduced some new features that included Facebook Marketplace. Now using Facebook Marketplace individual can post their products for sale. These products can be anything from books, cars, clothes etc. Facebook marketplace allows sellers to post pictures of their products, mention its price and details about the products. You can sale both new and used products on Facebook marketplace.

The biggest Advantage of Facebook marketplace is that it is totally free. You won’t be charged a single penny for just posting your product for sale. You can also avail ad boosting service from Facebook but it is paid.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to:

Browse for items to buy
Search for sale items by applying a filter on category or location
Create customized product listings
Access all transactions and messages
Set custom bids for your products

Benefits of Facebook Marketplace for Businesses

Millions of Users

Facebook is the biggest social media marketing platform having approximately about 1.74 billion active users every month. Selling your products and services on the Facebook store, itself is a big advantage, as it enables you to target a massive audience.

Tailor-made Page Design

While selling your products or services, it’s imperative to have a page that attracts the audience to come and see your offerings!

Facebook Marketplace allows you to customize your page the way you want!

Connect Directly with Your Customers

Facebook marketplace is a platform that welcomes both sellers and buyers to come together under the same roof, set up a strong connection, and strike a deal based on mutual interests.

Any buyer can contact the seller directly with the help of voice calls, video chat and messages or by commenting on their posts and status updates. It’s a great platform for building a strong relationship with your customers and thus, increases your brand engagement.

Better Analysis

By utilizing Facebook Marketplace for your business, you can get a deeper understanding of where and how people engage or interact with your products or services.